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any other city in california its size. protesters are not buying that excuse. live in oakland. >> ama: a woman in santa rosa faces vehicular manslaughter charges. the 28-year-old woman was chasing a man driving a motorcycle. investigators believe howell clipped another car, then slammed into the rear of a 1969 triumph spit fire. that car flipped and caught fire. killing the driver. >> alan: an american canyon man is facing an attempted murder charge after exchanging gunfire with a police in benecia. robert flores foster was arrested after 1 hour -- 13 hours on the run. he began shooting after being pulled over in his car. the officer returned fire but the suspect got away. he was attacked to vallejo. >> right now he is being charged with a multitude of serious
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felonies. obviously attempted murder on a police officer. possession of stolen property. which is the vehicle. auto theft. and he was in possession of a gun. >> alan: foster is being held on $1 millionband and will be arraigned on tuesday. >> ama: nba basketball star jason kidd has been arrest for drunk driving. kidd was arrested this morning after police say he crashed an suv. he was alone when he drive his cadillac escalade into a telephone pole. >> alan: the fbi has been called in after a break-in at the twin peaks radio tower. we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: some of the city's radio stations are actually broadcasting from these twin towers atop continue peaks but at it also a spot where city
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police and fire are dispatched from as well, and that was the immediate concern when city crews realized shrub made it -- realized someone made into it the fence. >> mostvisionors are not aware of the towers but among the morning tourist crowding the peakses were a half dozen police investigators and an fbi agent. >> because this is part of the city's communication network, the fbi was notified of the incident. they did respond with investigators and the police department is handling the investigation. >> a small portion of the chain-link fence was snipped open. cables were cut in the compound but vandals did not make it inside the building so the damage wag limit. >> all of the vital services we provide to the city were not impacted as relates to public safety. >> reporter: this is one of the broadcast points for police, fire, and other city crews radio communications, and while none
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of the systems were affected, what vandals knocked offline was an air conditioner. it is a facility with a number of security measures in place, including security cameras, which investigators are reviewing. police say the vandals were looking to do damage. there's no cable or other material stolen from the site. city crews say vandalism of public property is a fairly regular occurrence. >> vandalism is something that is hard to plan for. but the good thing that that particular location is secure and very robust. >> city crews realized the breakan this morning and called police at 9:00. this is still an ongoing investigation and city crews are not releasing a whole lot of information, in part because of the investigation and also because they say this is a key facility and they don't want to release a whole lot of the security details. reporting live on twin peaks, abc-7 news.
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>> ama: firefighters put out several small grass fires along highway 780 in benecia today. the chp had to shut done one lane in eastbound 780. the closure backed up traffic in the area after the fire broke out shortly before 11:00 a.m. >> alan: san francisco muni officials say a failed connect 'er caused an overhead wire to break away from a bus, causing a 45 minute delay, forcing passengerrers to take matters into their own hand. the bus was in a tunnel when the electricity went off so passengers active saidded the emergency doors and walked out. >> hans ricer will present closing arguments in the wrongful death lawsuit brought against him best hi children. he is can viced of killing his wife in the owning lean hills in 2006. a judgment in the name of the chirp would allow them to go after any assets and would entitle them to money he may make in the future. he is acting as his open attorney. >> alan: thousands turn out for
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the 26th annual a.i.d.s. walk. we'll tell you how much the fundraiser earned today. >> ama: high speed rail under fire once again in sacramento. >> alan: dramatic pictures out of china as flooding continues to ravage the country. >> leigh: we warmed up nicely, especially inland. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. the low clouds and fog parted just in time for us to see 079s in the east bay. we're going to cool down considerably tomorrow. we'll take a
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>> alan: at least 212 people have been killed in southern and central china from torrential rains, floods, and spudslides. people are walking through water as high as their shoulders. rafts are being used to transport the elderly and doings are paddling for all their worth. the forecast calls for more rain through monday. >> a wildfire burping in the sierra has grown to 2200 acres. the fire in placer county has destroyed at least one residence and is threatening 170 other homes. evacuations remain in effect. cal fire says extremely treacherous terrain is making it difficult for the nearly 2,000
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firefighters on scene. 11 of them have been hurt. the wildfire is only 20% contained. >> alan: opponents of california's $68 billion high speed rail project plan to be in sackett to tomorrow to -- sacramento tomorrow to call for an end of the project. it's under pressure to not continue the project. lawsuits will be discussed at the state capitol tomorrow. the city's claim the environment review analysis relies on false ridership projections. >> ama: ford motor company is recalling more than 8,000 cars to fix carpet padding that could get in the way of braking. it involves 2013 escape suvs. dealers will remove the carpet padding at no charge. the recall begins july 23rd. >> alan: a huge turnout for the a.i.d.s. walk at golden gate park. >> ama: leigh glaser is up next with the work week forecast. >> the a's and giants perfect to
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start the second half of the season. matt cain with fond memories against his last outing with $ñ ñ
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>> ama: nearly 20,000 people packed golden gate park for the annual aids walk, and as nick smith reports, it's a fun drairdz with a greater need than ever. [cheering] >> thousands stepped out this morning for the 2012 a.i.d.s. walk in golden gate parch this is the 26th year for the 10k walk, an event that has raised more than $3 million for the fight against aids. michelle and her friends say that the rate at which young people are becoming infectes alarming and must be stopped. >> it affects us, too. the person to your left could have it and you don't know. >> as you walk this morning, i encourage you to please look around you at the thousands among you. >> abc-7 news anchor dan ashley was the emcee and listed sobering statistics where health officials believe in san francisco two people are invicked with the virus every day and cases are rising among
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gay and bisexual men. along the walk, reminder why fundraising is important. >> remember these individuals that died because it's not just statistics. there are faces behind the numbers. >> reporter: the money raised by the san francisco a.i.d.s. project helps to support benefiting organizations like the marin aids project who provides three hiv testing to anyone who walks through the door, no questions asked. since 1987, aids walks in various cities have ided more than $77 million. today's crowd is hoping to add three million more to the total. >> ama: a.i.d.s. walk san francisco organizers say they raised nearly $2.7 million during today's event. >> alan: if you're in need of new glasses you're in luck. eye ware company is teaming up with the living hope neighborhood church in richmond for free screenings tomorrow through wednesday.
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patients will be seep between 9 and 11:00 a.m. and 2 to 4:00 p.m. the company will be giving away free single vision glasses to anyone in need of a new pair. not a bad deal. >> ama: leigh glaser has the forecast. we're calling if. >> leigh: we warmed up in today thanks to a slight offshore wind that developed throughout the course of our afternoon, and helped to warm temperatures up into the upper 80s to low 90s in the east bay. but you can see the low clouds and fog starting to move over downtown san francisco. live doppler hd, you can get a sense how wide or extensive the fog bank is. i want to show you the last few frames right here. you can see all of this is kind of squashing down towards the south. we have an area of low pressure to the north of us and that's going to cool us down tomorrow. it will start to bring in the low clouds and fog overnight tonight but i think they may scour out a little sooner by
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tomorrow afternoon. right now we have 85 degrees in antioch. 79, livermore. 65, santa rosa. 60, san francisco, half moon bay, 57. mist and drizzle. 73 in san jose. our highlights we'll continue to look for the low cloudiness and drizzle overnight tonight. mainly the coast and the bay. much cooler day tomorrow. the wind will pick up. northwesterlies with gusts up to 25 miles-per-hour. mainly near the coast. we have two cool days and then after that we start to warm up just in time for thursday and friday, into next weekend as well. lows tonight, mid-to-low 50s. watch out for the mist and drizzle coastside. also, this morning sfo, two-hour delays during the morning hours, so probably need to jump on that tomorrow morning. there could possibly be some delays as well. you can see why. this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the monday morning commute just really inundated with the low cloudiness and fog. north bay down towards sfo,
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oakland airport as well. but like i said, as the low tracks to the south, it should burn off sooner. here's a look at the highs for today. now, i'm pointing these out brought i'm going to show you tomorrow. it was 91 degrees today in antioch. livermore, the high was 89. 69 in oakland. santa rosa, 78. and look how you're going to feel tomorrow. down 15 degrees for you in livermore and antioch. your daytime highs in the mid-to-upper 70s. so, really a cooler air mass settling in over the bay area. san rafael, 81 today. tomorrow you're only going to be at 65. the culprit is this area of low pressure. the jet stream kept it to the north of us today. that's why we warmed up. check out what happens tomorrow. this is going to sag to the south. cool parcel of air so temperatures will drop from five to 16 degrees, and as the low moves in, it will bring shower activity, not for the bay area, but shower activity along the
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north coast, so cool temperatures tomorrow low 70s for san jose, at the coast, 56. 68 for palo alto. and san francisco tomorrow, only 59 degrees. the wind will whip up as well. 70, santa rosa, 67 for sonoma. oakland, 64. 68 for fremont. interior east bay, you should be in the mid-to-low 90s this time of year and only going to manage mid-to-upper 70s. 72 for concord and 76 for gilroy. we'll start to warm things back up and we should be upper 80s to low 90s by week's end. >> alan: colin is in for shu today. the giants and a's sweep. >> if they keep this up their going 76-0 the second half. that would be a record. the last time matt cain faced
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houston, june 13th, he chalked the first perfect game in team history. today, another perfect game? ended early. married one day? what do you do? go to a game, honeymoon. a based loaded walk makes it 2-0. cain's perfection lasted two innings. the third inning, the bunt getsway. chris johnson is drecting this newscast, don't confuse if with houston0s chris johnson. sandoval is safe at home. 3 #-rb giants complete the three-game sweep and take a lead on the dodgers in the west. >> you get a sweep, that's hard to do. i don't care who you're playing. these games were hard-fought games. this was a one-run ball game, and they played well.
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doesn't matter who we play at home, that's our goal to take the series. >> the a's are feel golden gate about themselves, too. the buckle gum on the hat prank to a member of the coaching staff. chili davis. the offense has turned it on. four homers last night. four more item. johnny gomes, two-run shot in the second. two batters later, cespedes, and then chris carter with the bomb to center. three home runs in the frame. first time the a's have done that since 2008. it had been 11 years since oakland smacked four homers in back-to-back games. seth smith with the second long ball in as many days. oakland now three games before the .500 mark. they're home to take on texas on tuesday. an amazing three week stretch for serena williams. she had the second straight win at the bank of the west. her opponent playing in her first wta final. the experience was key.
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serena as all of it in command throughout. serving. vandeweghe returns with the left hand. the drop shot, and then ven deway into the net. championship point. serena, another forehand winner. williams with back-to-back bank of the west titles. >> zach johnson needed good canadaie at individual at the first playoff hole today. the problem was his usual caddie was not at his side. he was playing at the u.s. senior open and finished 17th. johnson thought he had this in the bag. troy mat session son was two back when he lined up this 60-footer on 17. use thursday whole cup. moves into the a tie. johnson walking to 18. mat sessionson hits the approach into the water. here's where johnson needed the caddie to say lay up and walk this thing in instead finds the drink. they replay 18 and then johnson 6 iron to perfection, almost rolls in.
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a tap-in bird for his second tour win in the year. the u.s. senior open in michigan. roger chapman, an up likely winner, a foot away from an ace on 17. chapman, 10-under par. two-stroke victory. the fourth man to win both the senior pga championship and the u.s. senior open in the same year. >> the nascar in new hampshire. denny hamlin, top of the screen. goes to the pits. want twoz new tires. all four get replaced, cost time. re-entered in 13th. kasey kahne said he'll take the win any way he can get it. second of the season. stage 14 on the tour tour de france, entering the pyrenees. roughly 30 riders with punctures tired from tacks. sanchez on the final stage.
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wiggins retains the yellow jersey. there were flairs a couple of stage ago running through the pack. it's kind of taken over the tour, the story lines. >> ama: thank you, colin. >> alan: just ahead. >> see, he still hugs his parents. >> alan: no extinction in sight for the ice age. how much this franchise raked in for the weekend. >> ama: don'ting for get to to >> ama: don'ting for get to to get our cool new i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon. wait... yeah... well, yeah, bacon. and my eggs sunny side-up. no, umm, over-easy. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4
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off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's.
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>> alan: it could be slow moving for san francisco commuters. we'll tell you about the protest trying to stop muni, and how hollywood is leading the way with the new archery boom. >> ama: a red hot reception for the newest installment of ice age. >> i don't know what's wrong with me. i can't eat, can't sleep. maybe i'm coming down with something. >> i know what you've got. the l word. >> yeah. help -- help pros si.
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>> ice age earned $64 million. the fourth film in the franchise. in its second week of release, spider-man earned 35 million. ted added 22.1 in its third week. and brave add 10-point 'million, and magic mike is still magic, earning another 9 million this weekend. >> alan: that's it for us at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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right how, the final fight with the dark knight. >> i mean, who know, really, who care. >> secrets from a true blood vampire. >> it is fun. >> a special hon honor. >> i want to thank everybody. it is unbelievable. >> crowds and stars descend on comic-con. 6:00. >> i made it! >> we are rolling out the red carpet, now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome on the red carpet from comic-con 2012 in san diego. am rachel smith more than 100,000 movie

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